Tiny the Turbine

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Here is Tiny the Turbine. http://cartoonsbyjosh.co.uk/tiny-the-turbine -order your copies here and donate to a school near you Tiny the Turbine is a story written by Lyndsey Ward with cartoons by Josh. STT have done a great job for Tiny : Wind Industry Pummels Pupils with Wind-Cult Propaganda in Schools Lyndsey was asked to write a children’s book to […]

Subsidy Sam The Turbine

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Lindsey Ward has created a children’s short story, with the support of cartoonist  Josh , in response to the wind industry’s Tommy the Turbine. It is an attack on the indoctrination of our children by multinational wind developers and featured in the P&J today, who report that the Scottish Government and Scottish Renewables have declined to comment. […]

Sick and Tired Protest – Falmouth, Mass.

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“What other industry is allowed such a wide berth to profits while completely sacrificing the public good?” Greetings from the North American Platform Against Wind Power. Millions of people around the world join you today in spirit and voicing their support for your protest, and in solidarity with your objectives. Thank you very much for […]

Air Traffic Safety Issues

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An increasing headache for aviation stakeholders & wind developers: cumulative impact of onshore wind turbines The Cumulative Impact of wind turbines on Aviation usually starts with accepting the impact of a single turbine, as in the example above, and ends with tens or hundreds of turbines in the vicinity of a radar or other aviation […]

Deceitful figures

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Sir, I was angered by the deceitful figures released by those who promote the renewables industry on the TV news and in various newspapers at the end of last week. I beg that the reader take these figures with a pinch of salt because power from wind and water is as variable as the weather […]

Equal rights of appeal – campaign launch!

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Campaigning for a fair and inclusive planning system in Scotland Planning Democracy have launched a petition to the SG for an equal right to appeal against consented applications. See the blog to join the campaign: http://www.planningdemocracy.org.uk/2014/equal-rights-of-appeal/ ERA petition can be downloaded here.

Vibro Acoustic Disease

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Andrew Vivar’s whose life has been turned upside down since Ark Hill Windfarm was developed has been researching Vibro Acoustic Disease: “The vibrations induced by the operation of the wind towers (movement of the blades and the remaining existing mechanical equipment) have a frequency content concentrated in bands with medium frequency 3 Hz, 8 Hz, […]

“I’m Abandoning My Home Over Wind Turbine Illness”

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“I’m Abandoning My Home Over Wind Turbine Illness” says Scottish resident Kay Siddell Sunday Express 24th August, 2014 I’m abandoning my home over wind turbine illness Credit: Paula Murray A Pensioner is abandoning her Scottish dream home after more than a quarter of a century because wind turbines are making her life a “living hell”. Kay […]