MPs to probe ‘Great Glen’ turbine Blight

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  Links to other articles:  and Loch Ness under wind turbines attack A special page is now on EPAW Politicians hear Loch Ness turbines appeal

LOCH NESS and the Great Glen under serious threat

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PLEA TO DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF UNESCO FOR HELP TO PROTECT SCOTLAND’S WORLD FAMOUS AND UNIQUE LANDMARK Further to the creation of a six minute video depicting the potential horror that could befall Loch Ness and the Great Glen from the industrialisation by over 500 wind turbines and the required expansive infrastructure and access tracks the president of the European […]

Loch Ness Under Attack

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This is not just about Loch Ness but illustrates if the Scottish Government  can allow it in the iconic area of Loch Ness they will do it anywhere. This is work by Lyndsey Ward and Malcolm Kirk in support of the petition using our most famous landmark to advertise what is happening to Scotland. Sign […]

National Parks Petition

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Scotland’s landscapes rank amongst the best in the world, including wild mountains, pristine rivers and lochs, ancient forests, stunning coastline and islands, all rich in wildlife and history. With landscapes of such quality it would be reasonable to expect  to see them recognised, celebrated and protected according to international best practice. However, out of over 3,500 National Parks in the world, Scotland has only  two. Galloway is one of the areas of Scotland put forward as a candidate for […]