Tiny the Turbine

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Here is Tiny the Turbine.

http://cartoonsbyjosh.co.uk/tiny-the-turbine -order your copies here and donate to a school near you

Tiny the Turbine is a story written by Lyndsey Ward with cartoons by Josh.

STT have done a great job for Tiny : Wind Industry Pummels Pupils with Wind-Cult Propaganda in Schools

Lyndsey was asked to write a children’s book to counter the wind propaganda that has been allowed into schools.

It follows on from her tale of Subsidy Sam, a satire primarily for adults also written to counter wind industry spin.

Those who are concerned at the indoctrination of children regarding industrial wind development should ensure that a copy of Tiny the Turbine is given to their local school to show the other side of the wind ‘education’ currently received by our children.

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