Arecleoch Extension Decision, corruption and who is pulling the strings

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The shocking DETERMINATION – DECISION LETTER 16 November 2021  to advise consent to the Arecleoch Extension industrial windfarm (200m high turbines) from the two Reporters, David Liddle and Alison Kirkwood puts into question their competence and professional ability to assess the unequivocal evidence of the potential environmental damage painstakingly gathered and presented by the council […]

Whitelee3 update

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The Scottish Government have just turned down the Whitelee 3 windfarm application on landscape grounds, meanwhile ‘rubbishing Dr. Rachel Connor’s testimony – on the grounds that she was not ‘qualified’ to ascertain her findings. They also dismissed Helen Murray’s PHD and Glasgow and Edinburgh University findings on water contamination.  The full report: whitelee-extension-phase-3-pli-report  

Environmental Liability Request for Action on Water Contamination: Review

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In respect of water contamination/pollution issues, wherever wind turbines are built on water catchment areas around the world, the potential for serious harm exists. The ‘Request for Action‘ was lodged with the Scottish Government and agencies in July 2015. A  Letter from SEPA   dated 29th April 2016 provided an update that SEPA had completed its […]

The £120million question: Did Britain’s biggest windfarm contaminate water?

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By Craig McDonald DR Rachel Connor claims the water has deteriorated since construction work started on the windfarm. CONTAMINATION caused by building Britain’s biggest windfarm has forced water bosses to construct a new £120million pipeline, according to a campaigning doctor. Scottish Water announced the major works between Ayrshire and Glasgow last month. They said 29 […]

Re: Decision V/9n concerning compliance by the United Kingdom

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Re: Decision V.9n  concerning compliance by the United Kingdom – invitation to comment on Party concerned’s second progress report: Comments are the result of research and dialogues, not only with professionals, but many at the grass roots of society both here and abroad who are now experiencing what it is like to live with the […]

Water Contamination and windfarm construction: update and what you can do about it.

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The ‘Request for Action‘ was lodged with the Scottish Government and agencies in July 2015. The Request for Action document can be downloaded here  The Scottish Government response stated that SEPA is responsible for damage to the Water Environment: “In the Environmental Liability (Scotland) Regulations 2009 transpose the Environmental Liability Directive, article 7 of the 2009 regulations […]

How safe is your drinking water?

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I would just say that Tim Harrison and Rachel Connor (the third party objectors to WL3 extension) have now submitted their closing submission to the Public Inquiry and that this has some interesting conclusions regarding alleged failures to comply with existing European and UK environmental law in respect of both the previous Whitelee windfarms and the proposed […]

Environmental Liabilities Directive ‘Request for Action’

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  SCOTLAND’S WIND FARMS CAUSE WATER POLLUTION Request for Action pdf download here  Susan Crosthwaite is calling for an immediate and full independent investigation into the pollution of surface and groundwater of ALL Scottish windfarm developments sited on River Basin Districts.  It has been revealed that the construction of giant wind turbines has led to the […]