Arecleoch Extension Decision, corruption and who is pulling the strings

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The shocking DETERMINATION – DECISION LETTER 16 November 2021  to advise consent to the Arecleoch Extension industrial windfarm (200m high turbines) from the two Reporters, David Liddle and Alison Kirkwood puts into question their competence and professional ability to assess the unequivocal evidence of the potential environmental damage painstakingly gathered and presented by the council and third party objectors. What is the point of a public inquiry if only evidence considered accountable is from those with professional qualifications, as said in the Determination – PI Report – dated 3 August 2021 of Mr Robb with regard to his ‘opinion’ on PWS. Mr Liddle and Ms Kirkwood and in deed the Scottish Ministers lack the necessary qualifications to make these life changing decisions. They have chosen to ignore the inadequacies of Scottish Power’s Environmental Statement and all the substantial  evidence submitted against it, allowing SPR to cause harm to residents . They are culpable. There were plenty of grounds for refusal which the reporters have ignored.

The report is a sham and I do not know how they sleep at night knowingly contributing to a very possible unmitigated environmental disaster.

But why?

What is behind the Scottish Government’s relentless desire to destroy our beautiful environment……?

……….Of course……… it is all in the name of saving the planet, all this new so called ‘green’ legislation.

Who is pulling the strings?

This 20 minute video explains what is really going on –

Corrupt governments are in bed with ‘Mr Global’. Iberdrola is part of that new world order:

Accenture is one of the companies running the show. Iberdrola and the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the energy company will advise associates on the value of energy efficiency. In addition, through segment specific customer service channels, Iberdrola provides energy management and engagement as well as tailored products for B2B customers.


Blackrock is major player with Mr Global. The bosses of the world’s biggest investment firm, Blackrock, the biggest bank in the US, JP Morgan, as well as the top brass from energy giants…………..By far the biggest single investment is from Spanish firm Iberdrola, which owns Scottish Power. Its announcement of a further £6bn in offshore wind investment – on top of £10bn over the last five years – will cement the UK’s position as a world leader in offshore wind, just two weeks before the major climate summit in Glasgow.

Blackrock Second Shareholder In Iberdrola With 5%

I have been researching Covid for 18 months now, on the back of the corruption in the wind industry which I have been researching since 2011.

Only with the spurious Arecleoch decision did I join the dots with Big Wind.

This is about our freedom. Covid is a ‘conspiracy’; history is made up of conspiracy theories. We are being lied to by our governments and the media who are puppets of ‘Mr Global’.

In my opinion, investigative journalist Corey Lynn has gathered all the evidence here and lays it on the line for us with Catherine Austin Fitts.

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 1

Part 2 broke down the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Part 3 tackled the key implementers of the digital identity being assembled through the vaccine id passports, revealing the true agenda. It’s good to understand what’s at stake and who’s behind it, before diving into part 4. Blockchained will cover some of the most important aspects of this entire agenda against all of humanity.

The indoctrination by the media, especially the BBC and Sky is aiming to close down discussion, divide us, weaken us, make us dependent and ultimately to control every aspect of our existence. This video shows how it happened in Nazi Germany and how it is happening step by step again:

Too many countries around the world are those doing the bidding of Mr Global: Jacinda Adern, Scott Morrison, Macron, Trudeau, Nicola Sturgeon, Boris Johnson…the list of those involved goes on and on.

This is a battle for the minds. Good against evil. What we believe about the future is so important.

We must all question what’s going on. Something is deeply socially, politically, morally and ethically wrong . We need to face it, not fear it.

Why are those speaking out being censored?

Nelson Mandela said: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but triumph over it”.



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