Wind Energy’s Absurd at work again – helping us to understand why the National Grid is a shambles and why our energy security is at risk

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Wind Energy’s Absurd facebook post: Well, here we have it, folks – it’s official; it’s the Shambles in Green. Over the years and increasingly, we’ve had grid engineers and ex grid engineers warning in the strongest terms that the grid and the systems connected with the grid were not going to be fit for purpose, […]

Constraint Payments for Wind Turbines: A wind farce which must be brought to an end. Analysis by WEA and REF

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Wind Energy’s Absurd Facebook posting, below, inspired by this letter from Lyndsey Ward in the John O’Groat Journal explains the disgraceful situation: “When a truth bomb drops the ripples should spread out far  and wide. It is down to us, all of us who seek to expose the absurdity of wind, to make it happen. […]

Letters re: wind turbine noise seminar and Communities should be able to say no to wind farms

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Dear Sir, I attended a conference in Glasgow on 22nd September on infrasound in relation to wind turbines and the effect on people’s health. A concerned group of acousticians have bravely formed an Independent Noise Working Group because of their concerns that a proportion of people living in proximity of turbines report similar symptoms of […]

The House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs has now published its report entitled ‘The Price of Power: Reforming the Electricity Market’.

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At last a sensible report: But does it go far enough? Peers Report On Energy Fails To Address The Real Problem “The Committee examined the impact of the policies of successive governments on the electricity market. In its report the Committee identifies two key failures in the current market: the narrow amount of spare capacity, particularly […]

“This collective act of make-believe is devastating our environment and our budgets”

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In a letter to the Scotsman Geoffe Moore said: Before the public get too excited, they should know what Sir David MacKay, ex-chief scientific advisor to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, said recently about renewable energy during his final interview before his sad and untimely death. He stated that there is an “appalling […]

Ontario’s Electricity Dilemma

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Ontario’s Electricity Dilemma by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers “We need to stop adding solar and wind for ideological reasons”. Excellent presentation report with some interesting data:

Experts: total closure of Longannet next year could leave Scotland without power for up to 36 hours

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The general argument about the closure of Longannet is set out here: Experts: total closure of Longannet next year could leave Scotland without power for up to 36 hours David Ross Herald, 23 Nov 15 ENERGY experts have called for some of the Longannet power station’s generators to be kept switched on when it closes […]