RENEWABLE ENERGY the case for a balanced approach

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Increasingly, Scotland is being transformed into an industrial wasteland by ill-considered and thoughtless wind farm developments which provide little benefit to local residents.

It is generally accepted that climate change is of major concern to many people and, during the 2019 United Kingdom General Election it has certainly been a significant topic for discussion. There seems to be a perception that existing “renewables” are the panacea to all society’s climate change concerns and, in particular, that industrial size wind turbines provide the perfect solution which will, of itself, solve the problem. Unfortunately, politicians have seized upon this with the same enthusiasm which, only a few years ago, surrounded diesel cars. Hailed for more than 20 years as environmentally more friendly than petrol, exhortations to change to diesel power reached a crescendo before the truth that diesel was even more damaging than petrol was revealed and, within a few short months, government policy was completely reversed. Nobody, of course, admitted to making mistakes and nobody will confess to supporting the fallacy of green energy from wind turbines when the truth eventually emerges.


Download Here: Renewable Energy Scotland Flyer for the politicians December 2019

Flyer for the Press, final

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