Loch Ness Under Attack

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This is not just about Loch Ness but illustrates if the Scottish Government  can allow it in the iconic area of Loch Ness they will do it anywhere. This is work by Lyndsey Ward and Malcolm Kirk in support of the petition using our most famous landmark to advertise what is happening to Scotland.

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As you may or may not be aware Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Government have not produced any update of wind turbine numbers in Scotland for some considerable time.

SNH’s annual map update was due out in August 2014. It is now 7 months overdue and 19 months since they produced one. The Scottish government’s update was due out in December 2014. It is now 3 months overdue and 15 months since they produced one.

No date has been given for when these updates will be in the public domain.

People across Scotland want to know – they have a right to know – how many industrial wind turbines are operational, approved and in the planning system.

f there is no central data base and no accurate number of proposed turbines how can we ever know when we have enough?

It is time to stop accepting turbine applications into the planning system and allow those approved to be constructed so that we can stand back and see if they are performing as promised and if the landscape can absorb any more. To continue without having that knowledge is unacceptable and irresponsible.

The Highland Council’s new map is woefully inadequate so campaigners decided to do their own counting and produced a video based on what they found.

Please do take the time to view it. It is six and a half minutes out of your day – it is a lifetime of destruction for Scotland’s heritage and her iconic Loch.

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