Noise Abatement Society John Connell Awards

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The Noise Abatement Society raises awareness, educates and campaigns for measured, considered and responsible use of sound. twitter.

On Wednesday 2nd November the John Connell Awards 2016 were held at the Palace of Westminster

John Connell Awards were given for Local Authority Award, Quiet Cities Collaboration Award, Soundscape award, Silent Approach Award, Quiet Logistics Technology Award,

Quiet Mark Award of Distinction and Special Commendation.

I was able to raise the issue of wind turbine noise with Chief Executive Gloria Elliott, and talk to senior civil servants from DEFRA and acousticians and others concerned with noise issues. I asked Director General Environment, Rural and marine Sonia Phippard to pass on these letters to Andrea Leadsom.

Letters-to The Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP presented-to-Sonia-Phippard-and-Lewis-Baker  (DEFRA) at the Noise Abatement Society Awards Re:

What is really happening in Scotland with windfarm construction re: Communities, the Environment  Noise and Water Contamination


Letter to the World Health Organisation(WHO) re. 2016 Noise Guidelines

Support from High Ranking Medical Officials for WHO open letter



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