The truth on turbine noise: UK Government Review of the evidence

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WindEnergysAbsurd analysis on facebook:

The truth on turbine noise is coming, bit by bit and not before time although too late for those people who have been so affected by amplitude modulation that they have had to leave their homes.

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff undertook a review of research into the effects of and response to Amplitude Modulation (AM). The
objective was to review the current evidence on the human response to AM, evaluate the factors that contribute to human response, and to recommend how excessive AM might be controlled through the use of a planning condition.

They collated and critically reviewed a mass of relevant papers, existing planning conditions and planning policies related to AM.

‘The review established a clear need for AM control, a clear link between overall turbine noise level and annoyance, and a correlation between the degree of AM and an equivalent level without AM. It also established that the sensitive period for wind farm neighbours to AM coincides with operational conditions (between sunset and sunrise) where the prevalence of AM occurs. These findings raise the question about whether the noise limits in ETSU-R-97, which are generally higher at night, accord with current Government policies to avoid significant adverse noise
impacts, and mitigate or minimise adverse impacts.’

A recommendation has been made to construct a planning condition to control AM, but only for new applications and only in England (planning being devolved). They make the point that it isn’t known at this stage whether existing planning legislation can cater for this or whether a planning legislation amendment will have to be made.

Westminster (BEIS) has said: ‘While this research does not represent planning guidance, BEIS encourages developers and planning authorities in England to consider this research when determining if an AM condition would be appropriate.’

We would expect that all English planning authorities would take this instruction very seriously indeed.

However, where does that leave Scotland?

We note that the Scottish wind farm impacts study is referred to.

‘AM could be perceived by residents in around two thirds of the ten case study sites…’

So, Scottish Government, you need also to get your fingers out of …your ears?…..and wake up to the fact that AM is real and that people are suffering.

We are reminded of one of the very early cases of AM where Jane and Julian Davis were affected to the point where they had to move out of their farm and take rented accommodation to escape. They always made the point that not every person would be affected by AM and this is supported by the study. Actually, this report is vindication for the Davises who worked so hard to have the problems of AM recognised, as did Mike Hulme of Denbrook, which is also mentioned in the study, his proactive stance being enhanced and continued by Bev Gray of the Cotton Farm wind farm who continues to monitor wind farm noise and many others.

As Winds Energy Absurd said yesterday : Alan Jones’ interview on the Australian 2GB radio programmeis interviewing Dr Mariana Alves-Perreira who has degrees in physics, biomedical engineering and a PhD in environmental science and who has been researching vibroacoustic disease since the early 80s. She has written or co-authored much peer-reviewed evidence of vibroacoustic disease and low frequency noise; she was one of the early pioneers.

Listen first of all to Alan reeling off the list of what Frydenberg (Energy Minister) knows, in reality. Listen to him tell of the 11,000 homes which were cut off last year and of the 13,000 on hardship plans.

The Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission mouth off the party line that there is no evidence that wind turbines are harmful to health, on the basis of ‘what you can’t hear won’t hurt you’.

Alan asks Dr Alves-Perreira why, in the face of evidence from herself and so many other scientists and physicians’ research, many of which presented to the Australian Inquiry, they continued with these lies.

She responded that ‘It all comes down to litigation problems in the future’.

And yes it does. The longer someone gets away with something…anything….the longer they think they are invincible. History has proved, time and again, that this is not the case. Invariably scales fall from people’s eyes. Sometimes it takes longer but eventually it comes. Whether it be the Berlin Wall, statues of dictators or scams of immense reverse Robin Hood proportions, the truth will out and then it will be payback time. 

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