Feed in Tarriff Consultation

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See this response to the Government consultation on FiTs, see below.


Please feel free to circulate in full, including my name and address as they are normally redacted so no-one knows who is responding




Q4 (Q1, 2 and 3 were name, email address, organisation)


Do you agree or disagree with the proposed generation tariff rates set out above? Please provide reasons to support your answer.

Neither agree nor disagree

Please add your comments here


This consultation assumes that the Feed in Tariff Scheme is basically good, but just needs adjusting to suit prevailing circumstances.

The FiTs scheme is ill-conceived in that it does not achieve any environmental goal, contributes to grid imbalance through random uncontrolled generation unlinked to need, but most importantly because it condemns all  people and organisations to pay for the financial benefit gained by those people or organisations with enough money to invest in the relevant technology.

None of the non-participants have agreed to fund this good fortune.  No political party has specifically campaigned for its adoption, and certainly none has explained how it is funded.

No single person has voted to pay for his neighbour’s electricity.

It is an immoral imposition which requires the poorest in society to fund the better off.

The first relevant question needing an answer is how soon can FiTs be abolished?

The second is how soon can those who have unknowingly contributed to this scheme be compensated?

In light of the above comment, there is no point in proceeding any further.

Stuart Young

The Larches

Laggan Bridge


PH20 1AH


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