The Right to Environmental Information – a case study

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5th December 2013       Growing an informed Scotland

Presentation by Christine Metcalfe (to be delivered to HOLYROOD’S 11th.ANNUAL FREEDOM OF INFORMATION & EIA Conference)                          

 Re. The Ratified Aarhus Compliance Committee’s decision affecting the:                                                                    UK & EU’S RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICY.

The UK and the EU are signed up to the UN’s Åarhus Convention. By doing so they undertake to ensure that their citizens have ‘access to environmental information’ and ‘the right to review procedures and challenge public decisions’ and that there is meaningful ‘public participation in environmental decision-making’.     Christine Metcalfe  serves on a Community Council in Argyll which submitted a complaint to the UN’s Convention Compliance Committee because, they argued, these conditions had not been met in the case of a sizeable local wind-power development.

Christine gave this Power point presentation FOI Conference Holyrood 5th December 2013 

FOI and DECC answer

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