Investigate Turbine Sickness Now

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Investigate Turbine Sickness Now — Scotland

Sunday Express August 24th, 2014

Scottish Letter of the Week

Investigate Turbine Sickness Now

Generating electricity creates noise, but the traditional nuclear, coal and gas fired power stations are all positioned some considerable distance from human habitation.

Not so wind turbines where “official guidance” stipulates that turbines should be no closer than 1.5 miles from habitation – although the Noise Abatement Society recommends a distance of at least 10 miles.

Investigation of this “official guidance” is now needed as there are screeds of reports from professionals across the globe which document the affect on health of the low frequency noise emitted by turbines.

Governments need to carry out proper research into the long-term effect on public health. To say there is no scientific proof is no more than a denial of documented evidence.

AC Douglas

Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire

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