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In a 20-minute video of testimony by a man named Cary Shineldecker.  The Shineldecker home, in Michigan, is surrounded by industrial wind turbines (IWT’s).  In the video, Mr. Shineldecker (an engineer) painstakingly and courteously explains to the wind developer, an outfit named Consumers Energy, how it systematically violated and ultimately pulverized his family’s home and life.


For the past two months, Melissa Ware’s 150-year-old stone-found­ation house in the shadow of the Cape Bridgewater wind farm in South Australia has been wired to monitor sounds that cannot be heard easily by the human ear.

Ware, who is partially deaf, and two nearby families have kept a diary of the physical sensations they were experiencing at regular intervals. A scorecard was developed ranking three factors — noise, vibration and sensation — on a scale of one to five.

The research has been funded by wind farm owner Pacific Hydro and undertaken by acoustics specialist Steven Cooper, who has had a long interest in why wind turbines have produced so many health complaints that defy easy explanation.

For six years, since the wind turbines started operating at Cape Bridgewater, Ware has com­plained of headaches and other “pressure” effects she can attribute only to the arrival of the renewable energy project she once had supported enthusiastically. Read more here

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