Scottish National Planning Framework 4 Environmental Noise submission with particular regard to Windturbine noise

Submission to the Scottish National Planning Framework 4 consultation with particular regard Environmental Noise 31ST March 2022 The amended Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 directs that the National Planning Framework must contribute to a series of six outcomes: improving the health and wellbeing of our people; increasing the population of rural areas; meeting […]

Arecleoch Extension Decision, corruption and who is pulling the strings

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The shocking DETERMINATION – DECISION LETTER 16 November 2021  to advise consent to the Arecleoch Extension industrial windfarm (200m high turbines) from the two Reporters, David Liddle and Alison Kirkwood puts into question their competence and professional ability to assess the unequivocal evidence of the potential environmental damage painstakingly gathered and presented by the council […]

Arecleoch Extension Private Water Supplies Inquiry

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Windfarm Appeals and Hearings. By Dr Rachel Connor  Outline S of C Arecleoch.23.11.20 pdf Inquiry Report Statement in Respect of the Assessment of PWS CD23.54 SCRC 41 Precognition of Dr Rachel Connor I know some of you have Appeals coming up soon , so thought it might be helpful to gain from my experience at […]

Wind Energy’s Absurd at work again – helping us to understand why the National Grid is a shambles and why our energy security is at risk

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Wind Energy’s Absurd facebook post: Well, here we have it, folks – it’s official; it’s the Shambles in Green. Over the years and increasingly, we’ve had grid engineers and ex grid engineers warning in the strongest terms that the grid and the systems connected with the grid were not going to be fit for purpose, […]

Constraint Payments for Wind Turbines: A wind farce which must be brought to an end. Analysis by WEA and REF

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Wind Energy’s Absurd Facebook posting, below, inspired by this letter from Lyndsey Ward in the John O’Groat Journal explains the disgraceful situation: “When a truth bomb drops the ripples should spread out far  and wide. It is down to us, all of us who seek to expose the absurdity of wind, to make it happen. […]

RENEWABLE ENERGY the case for a balanced approach

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  Increasingly, Scotland is being transformed into an industrial wasteland by ill-considered and thoughtless wind farm developments which provide little benefit to local residents. Introduction It is generally accepted that climate change is of major concern to many people and, during the 2019 United Kingdom General Election it has certainly been a significant topic for […]

Analysis of the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region 2018 and wind power noise effects on man and the environment

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  Ove -Skrivelse till EU-politiska grupperingar engelsk version-2 Ove-Svar-All-EU-political-groups-engelsk-version.pdf  Appendix EU-grupperingar Engelsk version 2 Analys WHO EnviOve- WHO environmental Guidelines for Noise in Europe 2018 and windpower noise effects [10026] Ove-SUICIDES turbine_zou201710 Ove-Persinger Infrasound – human health -and adaptation art_10.1007_s11069-013-0827-3 Ove-infrasonic noise-induced neuronal impairment Kina Ove-WHO Ericksson Pershagen 2018 review-noise-bio-effects-eng (002) But the indirect climate […]

Impacts of Wind turbine construction on Hydrology and Geohydrology

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The ‘Request for Action 2004/35/CE‘ was lodged with the Scottish Government and agencies in July 2014. The Scottish Government response stated that SEPA is responsible for damage to the Water Environment: “In the Environmental Liability (Scotland) Regulations 2009 transpose the Environmental Liability Directive, article 7 of the 2009 regulations identify SEPA as the competent authority in respect […]