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Health Campaigners take windfarm battle global

Posted Category: Access to Justice, Health, News

  The following is a response to the editor awaiting possible publication: Dear Sir, Re. Iain Ramage’s excellent article ‘Health campaigners take windfarm battle global.’  As one of those quoted, I can testify that campaigners are very used to seeing written and hearing the kind of rhetoric spoken by Ms. Clark of Scottish Renewables from […]

Air Traffic Safety remains an issue – latest updates

Posted Category: Civil Aviation, News

  Readers of this site having an interest in air travel safety matters will have been following the FoI exchanges underway with the Civil Aviation Authority the M.O.D. and the Scottish Government about this subject.  The latest response From M.Stevens CAA.RE. Re. Air Traffic Safety FoI request  is provided so that the reason for this reply is […]

Letter to the World Health Organisation(WHO) re. 2016 Noise Guidelines

Posted Category: Aarhus, Health, Low Frequency Noise

Letter to the World Health Organisation. European guidelines on acceptable levels of noise impact have remained unchanged for almost twenty years. Wind turbines meanwhile have doubled in size increasing their potential to cause noise nuisance. The WHO is currently developing guidelines for the European region to protect public health from environmental noise including that from […]

Re: Decision V/9n concerning compliance by the United Kingdom

Posted Category: Aarhus, Access to Justice, Civil Aviation, Water Contamination

Re: Decision V.9n  concerning compliance by the United Kingdom – invitation to comment on Party concerned’s second progress report: Comments are the result of research and dialogues, not only with professionals, but many at the grass roots of society both here and abroad who are now experiencing what it is like to live with the […]

Water Contamination and windfarm construction: update and what you can do about it.

Posted Category: Aarhus, Health, News, Water Contamination

The ‘Request for Action‘ was lodged with the Scottish Government and agencies in July 2015. The Scottish Government response stated that SEPA is responsible for damage to the Water Environment: “In the Environmental Liability (Scotland) Regulations 2009 transpose the Environmental Liability Directive, article 7 of the 2009 regulations identify SEPA as the competent authority in respect of […]

Air Traffic Safety Issues

Posted Category: Experiences, News

An increasing headache for aviation stakeholders & wind developers: cumulative impact of onshore wind turbines The Cumulative Impact of wind turbines on Aviation usually starts with accepting the impact of a single turbine, as in the example above, and ends with tens or hundreds of turbines in the vicinity of a radar or other aviation […]

Tiny the Turbine

Posted Category: Experiences, News

Here is Tiny the Turbine. Tiny the Turbine is a story written by Lyndsey Ward with cartoons by Josh. Lyndsey was asked to write a children’s book to counter the wind propaganda that has been allowed into schools. It follows on from her tale of Subsidy Sam, a satire primarily for adults also written to […]

Environmental Liability Request for Action on Water Contamination: Review

Posted Category: News

In respect of water contamination/pollution issues, wherever wind turbines are built on water catchment areas around the world, the potential for serious harm exists. The ‘Request for Action‘ was lodged with the Scottish Government and agencies in July 2015. A  Letter from SEPA   dated 29th April 2016 provided an update that SEPA had completed its […]

Windfarm payment Fury

Posted Category: News

Happy Election Day to the Scottish Government! Timing is everything and Highland anti wind campaigners have smashed it again today with the front page in the Press and Journal. Look at the picture of Gordonbush. What a disgusting sight with all the pylons and turbines. No wonder rural tourism in Scotland is struggling….not only to heat […]

Subsidy Sam The Turbine

Posted Category: Experiences, News

Lindsey Ward has created a children’s short story, with the support of cartoonist  Josh , in response to the wind industry’s Tommy the Turbine. It is an attack on the indoctrination of our children by multinational wind developers and featured in the P&J today, who report that the Scottish Government and Scottish Renewables have declined to comment. […]

The £120million question: Did Britain’s biggest windfarm contaminate water?

Posted Category: Health, Water Contamination

By Craig McDonald DR Rachel Connor claims the water has deteriorated since construction work started on the windfarm. CONTAMINATION caused by building Britain’s biggest windfarm has forced water bosses to construct a new £120million pipeline, according to a campaigning doctor. Scottish Water announced the major works between Ayrshire and Glasgow last month. They said 29 […]