Tiny the Turbine

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Here is Tiny the Turbine. http://cartoonsbyjosh.co.uk/tiny-the-turbine -order your copies here and donate to a school near you Tiny the Turbine is a story written by Lyndsey Ward with cartoons by Josh. STT have done a great job for Tiny : Wind Industry Pummels Pupils with Wind-Cult Propaganda in Schools Lyndsey was asked to write a children’s book to […]

Subsidy Sam The Turbine

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Lindsey Ward has created a children’s short story, with the support of cartoonist  Josh , in response to the wind industry’s Tommy the Turbine. It is an attack on the indoctrination of our children by multinational wind developers and featured in the P&J today, who report that the Scottish Government and Scottish Renewables have declined to comment. […]

Air Traffic Safety Issues

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An increasing headache for aviation stakeholders & wind developers: cumulative impact of onshore wind turbines The Cumulative Impact of wind turbines on Aviation usually starts with accepting the impact of a single turbine, as in the example above, and ends with tens or hundreds of turbines in the vicinity of a radar or other aviation […]

Deceitful figures

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Sir, I was angered by the deceitful figures released by those who promote the renewables industry on the TV news and in various newspapers at the end of last week. I beg that the reader take these figures with a pinch of salt because power from wind and water is as variable as the weather […]

Equal rights of appeal – campaign launch!

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Campaigning for a fair and inclusive planning system in Scotland Planning Democracy have launched a petition to the SG for an equal right to appeal against consented applications. See the blog to join the campaign: http://www.planningdemocracy.org.uk/2014/equal-rights-of-appeal/ ERA petition can be downloaded here.

Vibro Acoustic Disease

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Andrew Vivar’s whose life has been turned upside down since Ark Hill Windfarm was developed has been researching Vibro Acoustic Disease: “The vibrations induced by the operation of the wind towers (movement of the blades and the remaining existing mechanical equipment) have a frequency content concentrated in bands with medium frequency 3 Hz, 8 Hz, […]

“I’m Abandoning My Home Over Wind Turbine Illness”

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“I’m Abandoning My Home Over Wind Turbine Illness” says Scottish resident Kay Siddell Sunday Express 24th August, 2014 I’m abandoning my home over wind turbine illness Credit: Paula Murray A Pensioner is abandoning her Scottish dream home after more than a quarter of a century because wind turbines are making her life a “living hell”. Kay […]