There are Serious Issues with Noise Exposure Assessment Related to Wind Turbines – WHO Noise Guidelines 2018

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WHO European noise-guidelines-10-10-2018  WHO Noise Guidelines with significance to wind turbines(Headlines) New WHO noise guidelines for Europe (press release): “Compared to previous WHO guidelines on noise, this version contains five significant developments: stronger evidence of the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of environmental noise; inclusion of new noise sources, namely wind turbine noise and leisure noise, […]

Constraint Payments

Posted Category: News Brief explanation why wind generation constraint payments are not the same as other generation payments. When confronted with the scandalous cost of constraint payments to windfarms when their generation is surplus to requirement, the wind industry correctly points out that all generation technologies are constrained off from time to time and are all […]

SEPA Response to the Request for Action on water Contamination

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The Request for Action can be down loaded here and the reasons behind it can be found here: windfarms cause environmental water pollution . It took SEPA two years to provide this questionable  response  : SEPA Decision letter and Hydrogeological Comments Groundwater redacted and my notes SEPA Water Resourses Unit (WRU) conclusions redacted and my notes SEPA […]

Letter by Ove Björklund, The Association for Swedish Landscape Protection to get the truth about the wind power

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This letter  by Ove Björklund, The Association for Swedish Landscape Protection, has been circulated amongst Swedish politicians, the Forest Board, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Business Board along with other authorities to get the truth about the wind power and especially the low frequency noise and the worrying effects of the infra-energy pulses over […]

Glasgow wind turbine noise seminar presentation follow up

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Presentations Please find  the four presentations from the Wind Turbine Noise- Infrasound  Seminar Glasgow 22 September 2017 in order below. (Video to follow … this space!) Glasgow Wind Turbine Noise Seminar presentation follow up 17-10-2017 Introduction by Melvin Grosvenor  Dr John Yelland Patrick Dugast Prof Mariana Alves-Pereria Glasgow wind turbine noise seminar presentation follow up: […]

Why we have no rights when it comes to environmental justice and how it puts our democracy at risk.

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The Aarhus Convention is the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters and is a UN Treaty and part of EU legal order, which sets out our rights, and imposes clear rules for governments and public authorities to help ensure that our environment is protected. Specifically, […]